Buy a pet grooming kit online in India to groom your pet at home

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Taking care of your pet is no different from tending to babies. They require regular feeding, snacking, grooming, playtime, trips to the park, and more. While we handle most of these tasks on our own, we typically entrust the grooming to professional groomers. But were you aware that you can actually groom your pet at home? Just buy pet grooming kit online in India and carry out the grooming yourself, even if you make visits to groomers every 6 to 8 weeks.

Grooming your pet at home does wonders for their overall health and well-being. Take a look below:

Prevents matting:

Hair mats can become a real hassle for our furry friends. Imagine a mat as a jumbled mess of hair, mixed with plant burrs, skin dander, and other bits and bobs. Sometimes, these mats start right next to your pet’s skin, making it almost impossible to see what’s beneath. Buy pet grooming products like brushes, detangling sprays, shampoos, conditioners, etc. in India to keep your pet’s fur tangled-free.

Maintains overall hygiene:

Cleaning your dog’s private areas helps maintain their hygiene. Trimming in these areas prevents the sticking of fur and keeps urine from drying on long hair. It not only keeps your furry pal clean but also avoids developing skin diseases, urinary infections, and more.

Removes excess oil and dirt from the fur.

There are times when you may be late for your pet grooming appointment, which may be uncomfortable for your pet. But grooming them at home helps to get rid of the excess oil, old hair, and dirt from your pet’s skin. It also aids in preventing skin problems and may reveal lumps and bumps. Buy the right grooming kit online from Pink Paws and get it delivered anywhere in India.

Improves eye health:

Did you know that grooming your pet regularly is also good for their eyes? Cleaning the crust in the corners of your dog’s eyes is essential to prevent tear stains and bad odors. Grooming can also uncover sores hidden under the crust.

It helps them feel more comfortable.

If you have a pet with long fur, trim it by yourself at home every few weeks. Long hair on your pet’s paws can make it difficult for them to cool down, especially when panting and using their foot pads. Buy pet grooming products in India, including trimmers and paws, for a more professional finish.

Nail Care:

Overgrown nails can be painful and even lead to arthritis. Regular trimming prevents the nails from growing into the pads. But when clipping the nails at home, remember that your pet will feel more at ease if the nail isn’t compressed against the quick. Turn the clippers in such a way that they cut from the top to the bottom surfaces of the nail instead of cutting from side to side.

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