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Importer Name: Pupscribe Enterprises Private Limited, 702, Kamla avenue, Holy cross road, Borivali w Mumbai Maharashtra 400104
Country of Origin: India
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  • Chew toys – The new designed serrated massage bumps can be used in when the dog plays with the toy, thoroughly clean the dog’s incisor, canine and molars, effectively remove all kinds of food residue, dirt and tartar, fully protect the dog’s dental health, truly ensure the dog’s oral health.
  • Dental cleaning channel – New designed dental cleaning channel. When a pet dog bites a toy, the teeth will enter the cleaning channel, vertical and horizontal deep clean your dog’s teeth, including the roots. If you use this toy regularly, your dog won’t have tartar. You can use the pet toothpaste or food attractant placed directly on the cleaning aisle will attract your dog’s play interest.
  • Leaking food toys – The newly designed tooth cleaning channel can be directly put into dog food or snacks. When the dog bites and plays with the toy, the dog food or snacks can be dropped through the tooth cleaning channel, so that the dog can obtain food rewards through his own efforts. Not only increase the fun of toys, but also improve the dog’s IQ during play.
  • Powerful anti-wear and bite-resistant dog toothbrush – All kinds of crocodile- shaped massage bumps are specially designed for cleaning the incisor teeth of dogs. When the dog is playing with the toy, the dog will use the incisor teeth to bite the edge area of the toy. In this process, the dog’s incisor teeth can be cleaned comprehensively, and the daily protection of the dog’s teeth will make the dog’s oral cavity healthier.
  • Durable – Bite resistant, fall resistant, smash resistant dog toy. The exterior is made of high-hardness nylon raw material, with high-toughness soft TPR core. It can be used for large/medium/small body types. Dogs, long-term use will not be broken. But for your dog’s health, it is recommended that you use it for no more than 20-30 minutes a day.
  • Easy to use – It is also possible to apply pet-specific toothpaste or food attractant directly on the tooth cleaning channel to attract the dog’s interest in playing and really realize the dog brushing his teeth. This toy can improve the dog’s intelligence, alleviate daily anxiety, prevent damage to furniture and clothing.

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