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  • Dog bowls are made of high quality rust resistant stainless steel
  • TWO DOG BOWLS STAINLESS STEEL: U-Type Elevated Double Diner Bowl Set allows your pooch or kitty to eat from a more natural standing position for their stature, accommodating pets of all sizes.
  • PROMOTE HEALTHY DIGESTION: Standing upright while eating can be more beneficial for your pup’s tummy, easing digestive issues.
  • REASONABLE STRUCTURE: Relieve strain and discomfort – adjustable feeder can also help to ease joint strain, especially for older dogs with limited mobility, by eliminating the need for bending low to reach the food dish.
  • PROTECT THE FLOOR, LESS NOISE: The easy-clean stainless steel bowls are secured to prevent tipping, ensuring minimal mess. Innovative feeder features an adjustable dish holder on a black metal base with rubber pads on the stand at the base help avoid spilling, slipping and skidding.
  • Bowls height can be easily adjusted to different heights with the help of screw clamps and special lock system that holds pet dishes in place.
  • Anti-ski rubber bottom keeps the feeder in place.


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