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  • 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS: The Paharko pure himalayan vegetarian dog chew is made up of 100% natural ingredients like cow and yak’s milk and natural lime juice. It is grain-free, gluten free and lactose free crunchy treats for dogs which is made up of using the ancient himalayan method of cheese processing.
  • NO ADDED ARTIFICIAL COLORS, FLAVOURS AND PRESERVATIVES: This is a healthy dog chew with no added artificial colors, flavours and preservatives and gives your dog the best nutrition. These are totally natural and nutritious dog chews made from yak and cow’s milk.
  • PROTEIN AND CALCIUM RICH: This Paharko dog chew is made up of cow and yak milk and natural lime juice hence it is rich in protein and calcium treats for your dogs which keeps them healthy and fit. It contains everything the dogs need.
  • LONG-LASTING: This cheese based dog chew made in the himalayas using the ancient himalayan method of cheese processing which takes intense hard work & months of patience and makes it long lasting.
  • LOW FAT: These dog chews are low fat. The milk is processed to remove Lactose and make the chews easily digestible and supports a healthy immune system. It may help your dog to make healthy gums and teeth as well as freshen their breath. These chew bars are suitable for all types of dogs upto 15 KG. This package contains 6 pieces of chews.

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