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  • High-Toughness TPR Rubber – We upgraded the material of dog toothbrush to TPR rubber, which is more safe and durable than ordinary rubber. The inherent resilience and abrasion resistance are enough to resist pets’ biting and chewing. Make your dog’s toothbrush more durable.
  • Relieve Anxiety & Training – Along with proper handle his boredom this toy can help a dog learn how to healthily train his behavior. It also helped curb some poor behavior due to separation anxiety, so that was a bonus! She barks less, chews less on inappropriate things, and she doesn’t get so anxious when you leave the house anymore.
  • Avoid Damage To Furniture – It prevents your furniture from being bitten by it, especially he is teething. It’s made from 100% rubber and is a very well made and durable product, really a great toy!
  • TOOTHBRUSH &FOOD DISPENSING 2 IN 1-When you squeeze toothpaste into the teeth cleaning toy’s crooked cleaning tank, it will remove dirt from the surface and roots of dog’s teeth during their relaxing time, maintaining a healthy oral state. You can also prepare some reward snacks in the tunnel for your lovely pets.
  • Do Whatever You Want – Pull our dog chew toy out and the dog get this crazed hyper-focused look on their faces and you know the fun is about to start! Stuff it with treats, peanut butter, cheese whiz, or literally nothing at all – it doesn’t matter, your dog will go crazy for this toy, particularly if they’re a chewer or chaser!
  • The dog’s favorite chewing toy is made of natural rubber material, durable and indestructible. It is more suitable for small and medium dogs. If your pet is aggressive, please use it under the supervision of the owner in the early stage.
  • Bright color, bone like shape and milk fragrance, no mistake dog toy gift.
  • The dog toothbrush chew toy can let the dog massage the gums and clean the dirt while playing, so as to satisfy the dog’s nature of grinding teeth and maintain a good gum environment.


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