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Importer Name: Pupscribe Enterprises Private Limited, 702, Kamla avenue, Holy cross road, Borivali w Mumbai Maharashtra 400104
Country of Origin: China
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  • Crazy shaking frequency to entice your cat to play.
  • The electronic cat toy ball will move and shake its body ceaselessly, leading to the shaking of accessories overhead.
  • The shaking frequency will stimulate the kittens’ nature of hunting.
  • Convertible hairstyle.
  • There are two hairstyles, pompom and wool, that you or your cats can choose, which can retain kittens’ freshness for the tumbler.
  • The tumbler base of the cat toy ball will bounce up quickly after being knocked down by cats, which challenges and stimulates the cats again and again.
  • Operates on 2 AAA batteries that are not included.
  • Made of non-toxic and environmental friendly abs material.
  • Safe for both owner and kitten.
  • The vibration frequency of attracting cats’ attention.
  • The crazy shaking frequency of the automatic rolling ball simulates the kittens’ nature of playing.
  • The free collocation of the elements that attract cats.
  • Cats naturally like fluffy and furry things.
  • The pompons and woollen yarn can be inserted into the main body, which makes it funnier.
  • Fresh colour matching & High level of appearance.
  • The match colours of light pink and shallow green make the tumbler can also be a decoration for home when it’s unused.




Light Pink & Shallow Green


258 grams

Directions for Use

  • Open the power supply warehouse with the screwdriver, and put 2 AAA batteries into it.
  • Insert the pompoms or wool into buckles on the top of the tumbler.
  • Press the button on the back, the game is on.
  • If you want to change the “hair” please push the “hair” in the direction of arrows.
  • Press the button again, the game is off.

Package Size

11.43 x 8.38 x 7.11 cm

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