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Importer Name: Royal Canin India Pvt Ltd, 1401 & 1402, F Wing, 14th Floor, Lotus Corporate Park, Graham Firth Compound, Off Western Express Highway, Goregaon East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India - 400063
Country of Origin: France
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Renal is complete nutrition food for adult dogs that require support for chronic or temporarily reduced renal function. The diet includes a low level of phosphorus and high-quality, highly digestible protein.

ROYAL CANIN Renal is formulated to help support your dog’s kidneys in cases of chronic kidney disease or acute kidney injury. This diet is formulated with a low phosphorus content and provides a moderate amount of high-quality proteins to help support kidney function.

ROYAL CANIN Renal dry diets, complement your dog’s mealtimes with a variety in texture. To help stimulate your dog’s appetite, this diet is formulated with a specific aromatic profile and has a dedicated texture.

Renal support

Formulated with low phosphorus and moderate protein of high quality to support renal function, helping to improve the dog’s quality of life.
Adapted energy
Adapted energy content to reduce meal volume and help compensate for a decreased appetite.
Aromatic choice
A specific aromatic profile with a dedicated kibble shape helps stimulate the dog’s appetite, particularly in cases of food aversion.
Formula features text
4A. Each ROYAL CANIN formula is specifically designed and approved by scientific experts in cat and dog nutrition. The specificities of this formula are:
Formula features
4B. Low phosphorus and adapted protein content.
Formula features
4C. Enriched with EPA+DHA and antioxidants.

  • A low Phosphorus intake is a key to helping support renal function in cats with chronic renal insufficiency.
  • Nutrients that help support good renal filtration.
  • A patented synergistic complex of antioxidants to help neutralize free radicals.
  • The nutrient that supports a balanced digestive system.


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