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> Crunchy chunks packed with real fish/chicken flavour.
> Made with high-quality ingredients & nutrition for pet cats.
> Special blend of nutrients support the cat’s vital system.
> Provides adult cats with shiny coat, better eye sight & energy.
> A balanced cat food that helps prevent obesity when fed right.
> Backed by research done by the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition.
> For cat breeds from Persian Cat, British Shorthair to Siamese Cat.

Pink Paws Tip: Whiskas Pocket Ocean Fish is a nourishing cat food that contains all the essential nutrients for your cat to attain optimal health. It contains protein which strengthens the muscles and helps in body functioning. An optimum ratio of calcium to phosphorous keeps supple bones and joints.

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Importer Name: Mars International India Pvt Ltd, Survey No. 2099 - 2103, Village Wargal, Siddipet Highway, Distt. Medak - 502279, Telangana, India; Number – 1800 407 11 21 21/+91 84523 06691/92
Country of Origin: Thailand
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Whiskas Ocean Fish is a nutritionally complete and balanced recipe that has carefully been created to cater to the requirements of an adult cat???s system. Flavorful pockets, filled with not only the best ocean fish and poultry ingredients but also loads of other essential nutrients that will help your cat lead a healthy, active and long life.

Benefits :

> This meal contains ocean fish which is rich in protein that helps in optimal body functioning.
> It helps in maintaining the strength of bones and teeth since it contains essential minerals like calcium and phosphorous.
> High quality ocean fish makes the meal delicious and palatable to consume.
> Zinc and Omega 3 fatty acids in this food encourage a healthy skin and radiant coat.
> It contains super antioxidants which help in building a strong defence mechanism.

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