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Country of Origin: Belgium
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  • Toilet home for kittens and small cats with plastic swing door.
  • Duchesse is a perfect starter for kitten toilet training.
  • The toilet design is cute and friendly and finished off with cat paws on hood.
  • The gap in the door invites the kitten to enter the box.
  • The Duchesse Kitten Hooded Toilet is a discrete and modern way for your cat to do their business.
  • The unit has a plastic swing door and is ideal for toilet training.
  • It is easy to enter and exit and allows your cat some privacy.
  • Easy to clean, the hood is detachable so you can quickly remove the old litter.
  • In a baby blue and white colour, the hooded toilet has paw print designs on the lid so it looks really cute. Definitely kitten friendly!


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