Vivaldis Calowries – Weight Management Food Supplement for Dogs & Cats, 150 Gm

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  • KEEPS THE PET ACTIVE: Calowries has been uniquely formulated to make your pet feel healthy and active all day. It prevents accumulation of fat in the body and convert excess fats into energy. The pet thus feels more playful and energetic.
  • WEIGHT MANAGEMENT SOLUTION: It is enriched with specialized natural enzyme, Citrate lLysase, that’s helps to convert excess carbohydrates to fats. The active ingredients reduce the overall fat production and deposition in the body. By helping to burn out excess fat, Calowries effectively helps in weight management for overweight dogs.
  • REDUCES CRAVINGS: Calowries is known for to have positive after effects on a pet’s appetite. The active ingredients Garcinia, help increase the levels of happy hormone (Serotonin), which tends to keeps the pet satisfied post meals. Thus, effectively control unwanted cravings to snack up on the treats in your pet all day.
  • NATURAL ANTI-OXIDANT: Calowries, being a natural supplement, helps reduces the damage caused due to harmful oxidative stress. It contains EnQ10, which helps to  collect radicals that act as an anti-oxidant. This dog food made with natural ingredients to promote an ideal bodyweight and healthy heart function and healthy mobility. It prevents the pet from lifestyle diseases like diabetes, arthritis and cholesterol related issues that are common in humans too.
  • EASY TO ADMINISTER: It is highly palatable chicken flavored, comes in powder form and so is easy to administer. To be given preferably with food daily, dosage as suggested: for cats and small dogs-5gm, for medium dogs-10gm, and for larger breeds-15gm.


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